The museumAutomotive history from Japan in Augsburg

Frey’s Mazda Classic Car Museum –
welcome to the world of a unique brand

Innovative, different, inspiring – as an automotive brand, Mazda rules the world. Household model names and classics such as the Cosmo Sport and the MX-5 hail from the Japanese car maker based in Hiroshima. And since 2017 you can come and experience these cars for yourself at Frey’s Mazda Classic Car Museum.

Come and experience the special ethos behind the brand, revel in nostalgia and the fascination of this unique engine technology.

From tram depot to Mazda museum

Classic cars in an historic setting. Against the unique backdrop of a former Augsburg tram depot from the late 19th century, Frey’s Mazda Classic Car Museum brings the car manufacturer’s great history to life. Visitors can expect to see lovingly restored exhibits, the highlight being the legendary Mazda Cosmo Sport. Up to 50 vehicles represent the milestones of the Japanese carmaker’s history at any one time and they are swapped over regularly.

Mazda, a car manufacturer with an exciting history

Mazda – the name is a permanent fixture on the car market.  However, what most people do not know is that, when it was founded, the company had absolutely nothing to do with cars, but started off producing a cork substitute. As the world market was nursing its demand for natural cork, the company had to rethink its direction. When it set machine construction in its sights, it laid the foundations for what is now one of the world’s most famous carmakers.