Mazda Classic – <br/>Automobil Museum Frey

Mazda Classic –
Automobil Museum Frey

The first museum outside Japan to house classic Mazda cars has developed from one of the world’s largest private collections in Augsburg.

Mazda’s history: <br/>from Hiroshima to Europe

Mazda’s history:
from Hiroshima to Europe

People have loved Mazdas for years; they’re attractive in their design, innovative in their technology and a joy to drive.

Your event: conferences and parties in the museum

Your event: conferences and parties in the museum

Make yours the event of the year by hosting it in our 700m² beautifully designed events area, continuing the historical theme of the museum building.

Car of the month
Mazda RX-2

The Mazda RX-2 is a classic that was never officially for sale in Germany. The car has been available as a 4-door sedan or as a coupe. In both cases, we are talking about a variant of the Mazda 616. The difference between the two – in addition to several details in features – is the engine: instead of the standard engine that was used in the Mazda 616, the Mazda RX-2 is equipped with a rotary engine. In Japan it was therefore also marketed under the name Mazda Capella RE – whereby the RE is the abbreviation for “rotary engine”. The Mazda RX-2 was produced from 1971 to 1974.

With a displacement volume of 1.2 liters and power of 122 PS or 90 kW, the Mazda RX-2 reached a top speed of 190 km/h. Yet the Mazda RX-2 as well as the 616 remained exotic cars in the European market. Significantly greater success was achieved by its successor: the popular Mazda 626.