Mazda Classic – <br/>Automobil Museum Frey

Mazda Classic –
Automobil Museum Frey

The first museum outside Japan to house classic Mazda cars has developed from one of the world’s largest private collections in Augsburg.

Mazda’s history: <br/>from Hiroshima to Europe

Mazda’s history:
from Hiroshima to Europe

People have loved Mazdas for years; they’re attractive in their design, innovative in their technology and a joy to drive.

Your event: conferences and parties in the museum

Your event: conferences and parties in the museum

Make yours the event of the year by hosting it in our 700m² beautifully designed events area, continuing the historical theme of the museum building.

Car of the month
Mazda 323 GT-R 4WD

The Mazda 323 GT-R 4WD from 1993 is a real power pack with all-wheel drive: the bonnet conceals a turbo engine with 16 valves, 1.8 litres displacement and 185 hp. In Japan, this model was even marketed with 210 hp. However, even the “smaller” variant is enough for a top speed of around 220 km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100 in about 7 seconds.

The relatives of the GT-R 4WD however are more “cultured”. As a model variant of the Mazda 323, the GT-R 4WD is one of the most popular series produced by the Japanese manufacturer. Introduced as a successor to the Mazda 1000/1300, which was in production for ten years, its history began in early 1977 in Japan, under the name Mazda Familia. There were six generations of the Mazda 323, until it was finally replaced by the Mazda 3 in autumn 2003.