Mazda Classic – <br/>Automobil Museum Frey

Mazda Classic –
Automobil Museum Frey

The first museum outside Japan to house classic Mazda cars has developed from one of the world’s largest private collections in Augsburg.

Mazda’s history: <br/>from Hiroshima to Europe

Mazda’s history:
from Hiroshima to Europe

People have loved Mazdas for years; they’re attractive in their design, innovative in their technology and a joy to drive.

Your event: conferences and parties in the museum

Your event: conferences and parties in the museum

Make yours the event of the year by hosting it in our 700m² beautifully designed events area, continuing the historical theme of the museum building.

Car of the month
Mazda 121

Set out for spring: Owners of the Mazda 121 in his second generation could take this literally. The small runabout was at first serially equipped with a folding top, which could be moved electrically from front to back, from back to front or even in both directions at the same time. Comfortable for the driver, extensive for the manufacturer: Within a short while the delivery times were extended to several months. Finally the „Three-Way-Canvas-Top“ was only available for the top version GLX and for the special edition Concert.
The Mazda 121 was a compact car produced by the Japanese manufacturer in three generations from 1988 till 2003, lastly replaced by Mazda2. The second generation was produced from 1990 till 1998.
Compact in its exterior dimensions the Mazda 121 convinced with its quite spacious interior. The clou: The rear bench was movable. In its second generation the Mazda 121 was equipped with a four-cylinder gasoline engine and 1,324 cm³ cylinder capacity. The performance reached from 39kW/53hp to 53kW/72hp depending on the model. The third generation was also available with a diesel engine.