Mazda Classic – <br/>Automobil Museum Frey

Mazda Classic –
Automobil Museum Frey

The first museum outside Japan to house classic Mazda cars has developed from one of the world’s largest private collections in Augsburg.

Mazda’s history: <br/>from Hiroshima to Europe

Mazda’s history:
from Hiroshima to Europe

People have loved Mazdas for years; they’re attractive in their design, innovative in their technology and a joy to drive.

Your event: conferences and parties in the museum

Your event: conferences and parties in the museum

Make yours the event of the year by hosting it in our 700m² beautifully designed events area, continuing the historical theme of the museum building.

Car of the month
Mazda Bongo

A true packhorse: the Mazda Bongo. The first version had a load capacity of one ton – with a much lighter unladen weight of 775 to 910 kilos – thanks to the low ratio of the engine output on the rear axle. The minibus was manufactured by Mazda from 1966 onwards. It was based on the Mazda E2000, introduced in 1964. Product variants of the Mazda Bongo were produced until 2010.

It was 3.7 metres long, 1.5 metres wide and 1.7 metres tall, with these dimensions the first-generation Mazda Bongo was very compact. The wheelbase was two metres. The minibus was powered by a four-cylinder four-stroke engine with a cylinder capacity of 782 cubic centimetres. There was also a model with a 1.0-litre engine available from 1968 onwards. The engine was located at the rear, meaning that the drive came from the rear axle. The first revised version – the Mazda Bongo II – replaced the Mazda Bongo in 1977.